Himitsu Studio is an artistic duet former by Aida and Alicia (also known as Lehanan and Tabe-chan in the internet) in 2011, the same year that they started in the professional world inside the North-American editorial  Yaoipress, since then they have contributed in some fanzine’s projects (Déjà Blue Circle, Life in a Glasscase). In November 2012 they published, with other artists, in a Fanbook project from the regular serie Bakemono, inside the EDT editorial (previously the Spaniard Glènat), a Xian Nu Studio’s manga. They currently working for Yaoipress and preparing the launch of Lymbus in Spain.

Lymbus talks about Eythan Thalos, a homeless boy who suffers amnesia and only has a hourglass; he lives in Heaven, and with the arrival of a stranger called Miuler, he’ll discover the crimes that had been hiding in the city.

KZ. - First of all, we ask you for your name. ¿How you have “himitsu” in your mind, what that mean?

HS. -  Is a name suggested by a friend of us (Olivia Monterrey, the author of the novel “Invierno”, published in the Editorial Babylon) when we go to her for ask, without no idea of how to call our team. She told us “himitsu” will work because it means “secret” in Japanese.We think that it's OK and we like it very much, even though it does not look it, we are very quit reserved. We don't like tell our names or to have too much of our personal lives in public. And then, taht's out came XD

KZ. - Your comic "Lymbus" it's a very erotic yaoi. ¿Why yaoi?

HS. - Actually, it's so no erotic; the erotic/sexual topic it's not the main and the story it's not focused on the loving relationship of the characters, but their plight and context, and how they fight to confront the problem that they face. And, why yaoi? First of all, because it's a topic that we ever like, secondly, we want to work in a story of a homosexual relationship away from the japanese "clichés", giving a quite different approach to the concept most of the people has regard to gender. The yaoi is very undervalued by an extensive public because the industry only seeks the commercial.

So, following the footsteeps of our favourite series, we want to demostrate the gender of the characters and the sexual relationship between they should not matter, while the story doesn't focused only on that fact.

KZ. What works and artists have influenced in you and why?

HS. Each of us has different influences from differents artists, but we started to work together over a year and a half ago, we had a common point: Nitroplus. Is a japanese company that creates yaoi and eroge games (in this case, the company takes the name from Nitro+CHiRAL) which is caracterized by a very dark, even sinister, mature and great artwork. Their stories are original, convuled (but not complicated) and full of drama and philosophical approaches that will make you have goosebumps.

Nitro+CHiRAL hads had several artists working with them, but Kana Tatana, Suguro Chayamachi and Seiji Onitsuka have most influenced us, precisely because of their dark aesthetic, their "crude" style and mature male characters. It has nothing to do with industry usually promotes. Also, the doujinka Fujino Akitsugu marked us (nowadays know under the pseudonym inuMog), especially for Lymbus. Their are artists who breaks the cliché of the "cheesy yaoi" and therefore she have been our source of inspiration.

KZ. What has to have a story to rise your interest (besides the hot guys)?
HS. Before the hot guys, unsurprising it may be, we search an original, inteligent and atypical argument. Cointaining action, drama, an approach that questions the human values and violence. Of course the art is also important for the eyes, but we really focus on the plot more than another thing.

KZ. Your comic is in English and self-funded. Do you want to reach a wider audience and thus the language? Have you been in contact with an editorial?

HS. Actually, not even self- funded. We just upload to a web and yes, we want to do in English to reach everyone without any barrier. We don't have plans to publish now, but we continue uploading the comic online to state us more and later, if the people wanto, consider the possibility of removing printed by chapters with some exclusive extras.

KZ. When you write a story, what's more important, the character design or the script? What's more difficult?

HS. Without doubt, the script. The character design doesn't compare with the complexity of a story, which you have to write considering so many aspects like coherence, context an important temporal facts.

KZ. What's your favourite character and why? 

HS- We really like everyone because each character has a role, his function and his life. But, obviously, Miuler and Eythan monopolize our attention because their are the main characters and we love them. In addition, they were created years ago, and their devolopment was the most complex.

KZ. Why did you choose the manga style to the detriment of comic style? What makes it so attractive?

HS. The manga/anime has always been with us, we grew up with it and we have influenced by our life. Maybe the attractive of the manga was black and white style, the narration and the dynamism of its pages and specially, the shonen and the seinen.

Besides, we want to refer to what we said before. We want to show the entire world that the yaoi style isn't the cheesy and mannered style that we used to read.

KZ. Dou you have any new projects in your mind? 

HS. A lot. The nearest will be "Arena", a yaoi about gladiators in Ancient Rome to begin to serialized in the United States in june 2013 (although it will be distributed worldwide in English). We also want to make our way in the doujinshis world (fan comics), but only time will tell.

KZ. What would you said to someone who wants to enter in the comic world?

They arm themselves with patience and strive for improvement. Getting into this world isn't a bed of roses and less nowadays, but we musn't give up. Using the power of the Internet has given us a lot of benefits to the artists in recent times, so then we have to take advantage. It's not necesary museums or art gallery to show the world what are you doing.